By Mrs C - West Bridgford on 18/04/2016

“It was such a relief to see the Drain Doctor Nottingham van arrive within an hour of me calling the company about our blocked drain. The technician was so efficient and explained what he needed to do so I knew exactly what I was paying for. I cannot fault the service. Thank you.”

Mrs C – West Bridgford

Without a doubt, one of the most worrying things for a homeowner to face is the sight of water lifting a drain cover outside their home. This was the situation that Mrs C of West Bridgford faced when she returned home one afternoon.

Our technician quickly diagnosed a blocked drain and using high-pressure water jets set about clearing the blockage from further down the drain run. After clearing the blockage, we used a CCTV camera to check the drains for damage and were able to show the customer that the drains were in good order.

Juan Muntaner, Drain Doctor Nottingham Manager said, “Our water jets run at 3,000psi and are the most effective method of clearing blocked drains. We always work to clear blocked drains from beyond the blockage itself as it removes the risk of water flooding back into the property.”

On this occasion, the blocked drain had been caused by the build-up of fats and grease from the kitchen sink and dishwasher drains which had gradually solidified and created a plug in the pipe. Mrs C had noticed that water had been flowing away from her sink more slowly, and had also noticed unpleasant odours coming from the plughole. We were able to give the customer advice on the correct disposal of kitchen fats in the household waste and left her with the peace of mind that her drains were running freely.

Drain Doctor Nottingham will never charge for a call-out and always quote in advance of work commencing so customers never face unexpected bills. We also guarantee all our work. This sets our company out above all our competitors, making Drain Doctor Nottingham the first choice for plumbing and drainage problems in the Nottingham area.