By Mr. M. - Manager on 22/07/2016

“I am writing in person to say 'thank you' to your team for always going beyond expectations and doing your utmost to find a solution to our recurring blocked drain problems. Please pass on my thanks to Travis for being so caring about his customer.”

Mr. M. – Manager, Nottingham city centre

The Drain Doctor Nottingham office is contacted by satisfied clients on a frequent basis. Many letters are from returning customers and pay testament to the commitment that our team gives each individual job. This was the case when we received a letter from Mr. M., a commercial premises manager in Nottingham city centre.

One of our technicians has attended these premises on a number of occasions due to a recurrent problem with the drains serving the toilets. Whilst the original blocked drain was cleared on the first visit, a number of subsequent blockages have led us to carry out extensive surveys of the drain system using remote CCTV cameras.

During recent visits, we have carried out rigorous descaling of the pipes using high-pressure water jets. We have also repaired sections of the drain with cured-in-place liners to ensure hairline cracks don’t develop and cause the drains to clog with roots and debris or worse, collapse.

Happily, the recurring blocked drain at this Nottingham property has at last been solved, leaving us with a great sense of satisfaction but most importantly, leaving our customer relieved that we did not stop until the problem was fixed.

It is essential that we keep a steady dialogue with our customers so that they know precisely how we are trying to repair their drains, but also so that they can see our dedication to solving the plumbing and drainage problems that they are faced with.

At Drain Doctor Nottingham we will never hide any costs or charges and will always get approval from the customer before we begin work so that there are no surprise bills.

If any member of our team is faced with a plumbing or drainage problem, we will not rest until we have found a solution. Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage is proud to deliver unrivaled levels of customer satisfaction in the Nottingham area.