By Mrs. N. - Cotgrave on 27/09/2016

“Thank you for clearing our blocked drain. Your service professional was polite, helpful and efficient.”

Mrs. N. – Cotgrave

The Drain Doctor Nottingham office was recently contacted by Mrs. N. from the Cotgrave area of Nottingham, who had noticed unpleasant, sulphurous smells around her outside drains for a number of days.

In an effort to combat these odours, Mrs. N. had tried using off-the-shelf blocked drain treatments but they persisted.

A Drain Doctor Nottingham service professional visited the property later that day. A quick inspection of the site confirmed that there was a blockage in the drains.

Using a high-pressure water jet from a drain cover further down the run, the blockage was soon cleared. Our technician then inserted a CCTV camera to check the condition of the drains.

Images confirmed that the drains were clear and in good condition. Before leaving the site and as standard Drain Doctor Nottingham good practice, the flow of water through the drains was checked and was again found to be good.

The superior level of checks that are carried out by Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage staff are part of our unbeatable service that aims to give customers peace of mind about the state of their drains.

With no hidden charges and 24/7 availability 365 days a year, Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage offer the most comprehensive drainage and emergency plumbing service in the Nottingham area.

If you have any concerns about the state of the drains at your property why not give us a call on 0115 9718 321 and see how Drain Doctor Nottingham can be of assistance to you.