By Mr O. - Nottingham on 28/02/2017

“We’d like to thank the staff at Drain Doctor Nottingham for unblocking the drain that was causing problems at our property and for the advice they gave us about drain responsibility”.

Mr O. – Nottingham

When a blocked drain occurs there is often confusion about who is responsible for unblocking and, if necessary, repairing it. This was the case for Mr O. a resident in the Nottingham area.

Our customer, who lives in a semi-detached house, discovered a flood on the driveway of his property, coming from a manhole on his drive, however, the nature of the flood water suggested it could be coming from further down the drain run, beyond his curtilage.

A conversation with the local water authority concerning who was responsible for the section of blocked drain led Mr O. to contact the Drain Doctor Nottingham office to take advice on the matter.

Juan Muntaner, Manager of Drain Doctor Nottingham said, “Responsibility for drains can lie with a number of parties. In the first instance, if the drain lies within the boundary or curtilage of a property it is the property owners’ responsibility”.

“However where a drain meets that of a neighbouring property or crosses a public highway or footpath it becomes the property of the local water authority.” he continued.

Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals were booked by Mr O. to establish the exact location of the blockage via a remote control CCTV survey.

Images relayed by the CCTV camera showed that the Nottingham resident was indeed right. The flood was coming from a manhole cover within his property boundary however, the blockage was located beyond the boundary, where the drain met that of a neighbouring property.

Drain Doctor Nottingham was able to carry out the drain unblocking works using high-pressure water jets and charged the cost of the works to the local water authority.

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