By Ms N. - Castle Donington on 09/03/2017

“Your engineer Nathan was brilliant. He was really friendly and helpful to our staff and did a great job unblocking the toilet in our staff shower area. Thank you from all of us.”

Ms N. - Staff member, Logistics depot, Castle Donington.

The Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage office were recently contacted by a national account customer that had been having ongoing issues with a blocked toilet.

Service professionals had attended the company on a number of occasions, seemingly clearing the blockage and leaving the system in good working order, however, the problems soon returned.

Drain Doctor Nottingham staff returned to the site to investigate the issue further. One toilet in the ladies shower room continued to block, causing water to back up and flood the area.

Using high-pressure water jets and remote CCTV cameras, the cause of the blockage was eventually traced to a problem where the shower waste met the toilet waste pipe.

A further CCTV survey revealed that waste products from the shower, including hair and a build up of shower products, had created a blockage in the main waste pipe that restricted the flow of the toilet waste.

The blockage was cleared using high-pressure water jets and advice was given regarding the correct use of the shower waste trap to guard against the problem returning.

Much of the plumbing and drainage work that is carried out by the team of service technicians at Drain Doctor Nottingham is for national account customers who benefit from preventative maintenance plans that cover all their plumbing and drainage issues.

We work hard to develop good relationships with major clients and have become the preferred partner for a number of such customers across the country.

If you have an issue with blocked toilets or would like to discuss the preventative maintenance plan options available to you, call the Drain Doctor Nottingham office now on 0115 9718 321.

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