By Mr J - Newark on 16/05/2017

“Your staff made sure that the blockage was cleared and showed us the images to prove it. Excellent service.”

Mr J. - Newark

A recent call out to a domestic property in the Newark area saw Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals dealing with a blocked drain that had been a problem for a number of months.

Mr J. had tried to clear the blockage himself when sinks at his house were very slow to clear, using an off-the-shelf drain unblocking gel. This seemed to improve the situation but only for a short time.

A local Drain Doctor competitor had also visited the property and attempted to clear the blockage using drain rods, which again appeared to work for a short time but didn’t fix the problem.

At Drain Doctor Nottingham we don’t use drain rods as we don’t feel that they are reliable enough.

When we treat blocked drains we use high-pressure water jets, which spray water at 3,000psi and are the fastest, most reliable method available, usually enabling us to clear blocked drains within an hour.

After jetting the drains the Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage staff used a high-resolution push-rod CCTV camera to visually inspect the drain system and to check that the blockage had been successfully cleared.

Images from the camera confirmed that the blockage had been removed and also showed that there was no damage to the drain.

The CCTV images were also shown to the customer, giving him total peace of mind about the state of his drains.

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