By Mr F. - Newark on 22/09/2017

“Please thank your staff for carrying out such a professional job at our offices today. They were meticulous in getting to the bottom of the problem and were both friendly and polite.”

Mr F. – Newark

The Drain Doctor Nottingham office recently received a call from a commercial customer in the Newark area that had a problem with a blocked drain at their offices.

Arriving within the hour, our service professionals began by talking to the customer to understand the nature of the problem.

From the symptoms described and the areas of the property that were affected, the Drain Doctor Nottingham staff focussed their activity on a section of drains that served the washroom of the property.

The customer told our staff that the sinks had all become very slow to clear and that gurgling noises and bad smells were often noticed in there.

The toilets themselves were also taking longer to clear after flushing, with water levels rising close to the top of the bowls.

Using high pressure water jets, the Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals blasted water through the drains at 3,000psi to break down a blockage in the pipes.

CCTV cameras were used to check to see if the blockage had been cleared. Images from the camera showed that the blockage had been broken down but also showed damage to the surface of the pipes which would require repair to prevent further blockages building up.

The pipes had become pitted and would need to be re-rounded and relined, using no-dig drain repair technology. This method of drain repair is cheaper than replacing damaged section of drain.

The Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals kept the customer fully informed with progress when removing the blockage from the drain, explained the situation and that a quote for repair work would be sent from our office.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do at Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage.

Our staff will always ensure that customers know what we need to do and why – that’s the Drain Doctor way!