By Mrs W. - Southwell on 30/10/2017

“Drain Doctor Nottingham were on site within an hour of getting our call. The blocked toilet was dealt with swiftly by a friendly and professional engineer. Excellent service.”

Mrs W. – Southwell

A properly working toilet is something that is taken for granted nowadays and the inconvenience (never mind the embarrassment) surrounding a blocked toilet is never underestimated by Drain Doctor Nottingham.

When Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals were called to unblock a toilet in the Southwell area they were quick to reassure the customer that this is a common problem usually linked to an issue with a drain system rather than the toilet itself.

With water levels extremely close to the top of the toilet pan, the Drain Doctor Nottingham team wasted no time in accessing the drain system via an inspection cover further down the drain run.

Using high-pressure water jets, they blasted the pipes to break down any blockages behind the toilet plumbing.

The jetting process relieved the situation in the toilet, where the water level receded. On flushing, the water level remained at the correct level indicating that the blockage had been removed.

Remote controlled CCTV cameras were used to carry out an inspection of the drainage system to ensure that the blockage had been fully removed and that there was no evidence of damage to the pipes.

Images showed that the blockage had been cleared but also revealed some damage to the pipes, known as delamination, where the surface of the pipe blisters and becomes weak.

Mrs W. was informed of the damage and asked the Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals to send a quote for carrying out the work.

Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage offers a comprehensive range of drain repair services that are tailored to each individual job. Quotes can be prepared with no obligation to proceed.

The team at Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage works hard to maintain its reputation as the premier emergency plumbing and blocked drain specialist in the Southwell area.

If you have a blocked toilet or need any drain repair work at your property please call our office now on 01636 499321.