By Mr & Mrs M - Newark on 25/05/2016

“Thank you, Drain Doctor Nottingham. The whole process of finding and repairing our blocked drain was carried out so efficiently. Your technician was polite and friendly, leaving our driveway clean and tidy after the work was completed.”

Mr. & Mrs. M. – Newark

When our office received a call from Mr. & Mrs. M. of Newark, the symptoms they described made it clear to us that there was a blocked drain somewhere under their property.

A Drain Doctor Nottingham technician arrived on site in less than an hour and assessed the situation before providing the owners with a quote for fixing the problem.

A remote-controlled CCTV camera was inserted into the drain run and soon showed a blockage caused by the growth of fine tree roots which had found their way into the drain through a small crack.

Fed by nutrients in the water, the roots had grown thickly to create a net-like blockage catching other debris in the water and slowing down the flow from waste pipes in the property.

Using high-pressure water jets, our technician worked from below the blockage to clear the roots. He then installed a localized pipe repair, which cures in place to form a watertight seal inside the broken section of pipe.

This no-dig technique means that Drain Doctor Nottingham can carry out drain repairs quickly and with minimal disruption to customers.

We’re proud to be Nottingham’s favourite emergency plumbing and drainage service, with no call-out charges and all work guaranteed.