By Mr & Mrs K - Long Eaton on 26/04/2016

“We were so relieved when Yvonne said that someone would be with us within half an hour when we called to say that our toilet wouldn’t stop filling with water. Thank you Drain Doctor Nottingham for your fast and friendly service.”

Mr & Mrs K – Long Eaton

When we received an emergency plumbing call from Mr & Mrs K in Long Eaton to say that their toilet wouldn’t stop filling with water we dispatched one of technicians immediately.

We pride ourselves in always responding to emergency plumbing call-outs within an hour – faster if possible, and arrived to find that the customer had managed to turn off the water supply to the toilet eliminating the threat of any flood damage to the property.

Our technician inspected all parts inside the toilet cistern and found that the valve mechanism was broken. The valve usually stops the flow of water once the correct fill level has been reached. This was causing water to constantly flow into the toilet pan.

Whilst the flow of water wasn’t flooding out of the toilet pan it was wasteful and could have led to flooding problems if the toilet became blocked.

Because all Drain Doctor Nottingham vans are kept fully equipped we were able to quote for the repair there and then, and get the customer’s approval to supply and fit a new water inlet valve straight away.

This meant that the toilet was soon back in full working order and our customers were left with peace of mind that the problem should not reoccur for a long time.