By Mr. & Mrs. S - Nottingham on 20/07/2016

“The service that we received from the Drain Doctor staff was unbeatable. Your staff were so quick to arrive and unblock the basin in our B&B en-suite. Thank you.”

Mr. & Mrs. S. – Nottingham area

The Drain Doctor Nottingham office was delighted to receive such positive feedback from customers in the Nottingham area who made an emergency plumbing call to us to unblock a basin at their guest house.

On arrival at the property, our technician immediately set to work clearing the basin of water and removing the s-bend sink trap. This revealed a large mass of hair and soap scum that had built up over time around the plug mechanism.

Once the pipework had been cleaned out and reinstalled, the area was checked for leaks and left in a clean and tidy manner. The guest was very grateful that their facilities had been repaired so quickly and Mr. & Mrs. S. were delighted that the cost was no more than for a 9-5 call-out.

Blockages like this are quite a common problem and care should be taken to avoid hair being washed down all household plugholes. Hair acts like a net collecting other debris that is washed away. The use of a hair trap can be effective, providing all collected hair is disposed of in the household waste.

At Drain Doctor Nottingham we’re renowned for the speed at which we can respond to commercial and domestic plumbing emergencies. We operate a 24/7/365 service and never charge for a call-out even if it is during so-called ‘unsociable hours’. All our work is charged by the job from a fixed-price menu that is used by the entire Drain Doctor network.