By Mr V. - Store Manager on 28/11/2017

“A very professional emergency plumbing service. We will definitely recommend Drain Doctor Nottingham.”

Mr V. – Store Manager, Newark

A call was recently received from a business in the Newark area that had a blocked toilet. The store manager needed it to be seen to as quickly as possible as he was about to host an event at the store.

Staff at the Drain Doctor Nottingham office were able to dispatch a service professional straight away and he arrived at the premises within 20 minutes of the call being made.

The Drain Doctor Nottingham service professional inspected the blocked toilet and advised that he suspected that there was a blockage further down the drain.

Using high-pressure water jets from a manhole cover in the drain serving the wash room, numerous attempts were made to break the blockage down.

Despite repeated jetting the blockage wouldn’t break down, with water levels in the toilet remaining high. The Drain Doctor Nottingham service professional moved his attention to the soil vent pipe (SVP).

Accessing the SVP via a cleaning eye, the blockage was quickly located and broken down using a drain auger, which screws through a blockage and enables it to be shifted and or broken down to facilitate the draining of any built-up water.

Once the blockage had cleared, the water level in the toilet receded. The Drain Doctor Nottingham service professional checked the drainage system for any damage or issues using a high-resolution CCTV camera.

Images from the CCTV survey showed that there was evidence of deterioration in the condition of the pipes below the SVP.

The Drain Doctor Nottingham service professional advised that a section of the pipes should be replaced and arranged for a quote to be sent to the customer.

Before leaving the premises, the toilet system was checked to ensure that it was in good working order. The customer was also reminded of the need to repair the deteriorated pipework to ensure the long-term efficiency of the drainage system.

At Drain Doctor Nottingham we pride ourselves on our comprehensive service – we always check our work thoroughly and will advise customers of any issues that we think need addressing.

Prevention of a problem occurring is usually cheaper to treat than paying for a cure!

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