By Mr K - West Bridgford on 13/02/2017

“The Guttervac gutter clean service was very impressive. The repairs to our guttering were carried out quickly and tidily. Thank you Drain Doctor Nottingham”.

Mr K. – West Bridgford

The Drain Doctor Nottingham office was recently called to attend a residential property in the West Bridgford area of Nottingham when the guttering began to leak.

On arrival at the property, Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals carried out a Guttervac gutter clean to enable them to inspect the condition of the guttering and locate the defective area.

Guttervac is a high-powered vacuum system that is able to clean guttering from the ground. Equipped with a 12m boom, most 3-4 storey buildings can be reached without the need for scaffolding, ladders or lifting machines.

Once the guttering had been cleaned out the Drain Doctor Nottingham staff were able to identify a number of joints that had become loose and were leaking when the gutters collected water.

The joints were quickly replaced and the guttering was tested to make sure it was watertight once again.

Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage has an unrivalled reputation for cleaning, repairing and maintaining guttering systems in the Nottingham area.

We have appointments available throughout the week at times to suit our customers.

Why not let Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage look after the guttering at your property and ensure that it works effectively to protect your property.

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