By Ms J. - Newark area on 30/08/2017

“Drain Doctor Nottingham has maintained the guttering at our premises for over two years. We are very happy with the gutter clean and repair service provided by Juan’s team.”

Ms J. - Business owner, Newark

For many businesses the opportunity to outsource areas of a business such as building maintenance is very attractive.

Commercial clients in the Nottingham area are invited to set up preventative maintenance contracts with Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage.

Planned maintenance contracts are bespoke, designed to meet the plumbing and drainage needs of individual customers.

One such contract that has been successfully operating for just over two years ensures that the guttering and gullies at a business in the Newark area is kept in first class condition.

Visiting Ms J’s premises twice a year, Drain Doctor Nottingham service professionals clean the guttering using the Drain Doctor Guttervac system, a high-performance vacuum that collects debris from guttering up to a height of 12m as it cleans, without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

Equipped with an on-board CCTV camera Guttervac enables a visual inspection of the guttering, alerting operatives to any repairs that are needed or might develop in the near future.

This ensures that problems are caught before they cause damage to the structure of a building, giving peace of mind to the businesses that operate there.

Drain Doctor Nottingham Plumbing and Drainage also has the necessary equipment to carry out gutter cleaning and repairs to much larger buildings, using elevated platforms when appropriate.

Our service professionals are trained in operating a wide range of equipment and are available to carry out gutter repairs and gutter cleans on buildings of all sizes in the Nottingham area.

For further information about Drain Doctor Nottingham gutter repair services or to discuss a preventative maintenance plan call our office now on 01636 499321.